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Sindh Testing Service (STS) TM stands as an independent, autonomous, and professional testing organization dedicated to conducting Entrance Tests, Recruitment Tests, and Examinations & Assessment Tests in a free and fair manner. In today’s technologically advanced environment, the task of hiring the right individual for the right position poses significant challenges. It requires a unique blend of technical, professional, and innovative skills.

Established with the aim of ensuring fairness and transparency in educational assessments, Sindh Testing Service-Pakistan has undertaken the responsibility of testing and assessing institutions across the country. Our mission is to promote transparency in educational institutions by conducting fair and transparent tests and examinations in both private and public sectors.

At STS, we believe in providing students with education of the highest quality, fostering their creativity, nurturing their personalities, instilling a sense of responsibility and confidence, and cultivating an enthusiastic approach towards their professions and society as a whole.

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STS Candidate Portal – Siba Testing Service

STS Candidate Portal, also known as Siba Testing Service, serves as a comprehensive platform for candidates participating in various tests and assessments conducted by Sindh Testing Service. Through this portal, candidates can access essential information regarding test schedules, syllabi, sample papers, registration procedures, and results.

The STS Candidate Portal is designed to streamline the testing process, providing candidates with a user-friendly interface to register for tests, track their application status, and receive timely updates. With a commitment to transparency and efficiency, Siba Testing Service aims to facilitate a smooth testing experience for all candidates, ensuring fairness and integrity in the assessment process.

For candidates seeking to excel in their educational and professional endeavors, the STS Candidate Portal serves as a valuable resource, offering support and guidance every step of the way.